About Zara  

Zara — “a gem of Russian stage”.

A charming, beautiful, mysterious and talented singer with her own style in music and an image different from the styles of other performers.

A singer in an amazing range of music – her songs are a natural mix of pop, folk and romance.

Zara graduated from the Theatre Academy of Saint-Petersburg. She starred in TV series “Favorsky”, “Russian special police 2”, “Life and death of Lyonka Panteleyev” and many others, as well as in short films of Irina Evteyeva — “Demon” and “Theseus”.

In spring of 2006 Zara took part in the music TV show “Star Factory 6” and won the third place in the final, signing a contract with the musical corporation of Viktor Drobysh. In 2007 she released the album called “I’m not like I used to be” and made a music video for the song “Winter storm” (directed by Gosha Taidze). Her fourth solo concert in Oktyabrsky concert hall gathered a full house and is broadcast on NTV channel. Zara also recorded a song “Sky for two” for the movie “The Apocalypse Code” and starred in a blockbuster with the working title “Caravan” in a leading female role with such popular actors as Alexey Guskov and Valery Nikolayev.

In 2008, the charity foundation “Kind people of the world” awarded to Zara a Silver Order “Service to the Art”!

Zara participates in all popular TV concerts and she can be always seen in major concert halls and TV projects. Every popular newspaper and magazine watches her activities and personal life.

Zara has released several albums: “Heart of Juliet” (maxi-single, 1996), “Heart of Juliet” (1999), “Zara” (2000), “Where the river flows” (2002), “Zara” (best songs, 2003), “Don’t leave me alone” (2004), “I’m not like I used to be “ (2007). In 2002, a well-known music video producer Oleg Gusev made Zara’s first music video for the song “Where the river flows”. Zara has also played the leading female role in the rock opera “Orpheus and Eurydice“, being a stage partner of Albert Asadullin.

In early 2009 a new video is made for Zara’s popular hit song – “For her”. The video was directed by Aleksander Strizhenov, known by his feature films. The main roles in the video were performed by Alexey Guskov, a master of Russian movies and a young movie artist Anton Shagin (main role in “Stilyagi”). This lyrical song has already occupied the top positions in all charts of leading Moscow radio stations.

At the same time, a TV show “Two stars” was launched and Zara sang there duo with Dmitry Pevtsov, winning the second place. Each performance of this wonderful duo was indeed a small theatrical play. Dmitry and Zara were leaders in this project during all of its running season. They performed many unforgettable numbers such as “Farewell of Slavianka”, after which the audience gave a standing ovation, as well as songs “This was not long ago, this was long ago”, “Dle Yaman / Oh you broad steppe” etc.

On Zara’s account are six concerts on Oktyabrsky concert hall accompanied by a symphony orchestra. The first of these concerts was included in the concert movie telling the story of Zara. In spring 2007, her fourth concert was broadcast on the NTV channel. On October 4, 2008 a large audience gathered for her fifth, anniversary concert, after which Zara’s popularity increased not only among the spectators in Saint-Petersburg but all across Russia.

A real feast of spring and joy was held on May 1 in Oktyabrsky concert hall. Zara gave a solo charity concert for WWII veterans. The concert was a great success. Though it was a charity performance, and the tickets were distributed through such organizations as the Theatrical Union, Union of Leningrad siege survivors, Union of concert performers, a huge number of visitors gathered near the concert hall on the day of the concert. The concert was accompanied by the orchestra directed by Timur Gorkovenko. One of the main surprises for the veterans was the performance by idols of many generations – Aleksandra Pakhmutova, Nikolay Dobronravov, and the people’s artist of Russia Dmitry Pevtsov.

Those who have seen Zara on the stage at least once know that it is almost impossible to resist her talent and charm. Zara is not just a talented singer, but a person of clear soul and sensitive heart, bringing light and kindness in her songs.


Zara sings since she was 12, and now has an impressive collection of awards from different song contests. She was awarded a “Prometeus Star”, an award for science and culture figures in Saint-Petersburg. In one year she has become a winner of “Spring of Romance”, the first Saint-Petersburg contest for young performers. In 1997 she reached the final of the Morning Star TV contest (Moscow) and was awarded the Grand Prix of the international festival “Let the children laugh” (Cairo and Port Said, Egypt). In 1998 she took the Grand Prix of the contest “Hopes of Siberia” in Omsk, and also won “Birthday”, an open contest of children song performers, and “Hit of the year”, an international TV contest (both in Saint-Petersburg). Two times in a row Zara received a first-degree prize-winner certificate and the Grand Prix in Sochi, at the “Hopes of Europe” contest. In 1999, at the “Voices-99” festival in Sochi she received the Audience Choice Award. In 2001, the Coordination council of Artist Unions and the Academy of Public Relations gave to Zara a “Hope of Russia” award for her victories in international contests and pop music festivals in 1998-2000.

Moreover, Zara received the “Golden Gramophone” award three times: in 2002 for the song “Color of the night”, in 2005 for “Snowstorm” and in 2007 for “Beautiful Love”.


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